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What I’m Watching—Jan. 31, 2011


  • Pay to play, suburban style? BGA/Daily Herald investigation reveals that 9 of 15 DuPage County board members who approved a no-bid contract with a local law firm previously received campaign contributions from the firm.
  • Julian & Julian. “60 Minutes” airs a fascinating interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is alternately admirable, inspiring, patriotic, seditious, enigmatic and bizarre. Makes it hard for a watchdog group like the BGA to choose sides.
  • Where there’s a Will. The Trib covers praise for Will County for a critical self-assessment of how the Riley Fox murder investigation was mishandled.
  • School daze. The Trib reports that many “retired” educators are receiving huge pensions from their Illinois school jobs and big salaries on their new jobs in other states. They can’t have it both ways if the new job is in this state, but a loophole lets them collect an Illinois pension while they’re working a new job in another state.
  • Recall remedy? State Rep. Karen May (D-Highland Park) is proposing a sweeping recall measure that allows citizens to do something about any wayward public official, not just a governor. The Daily Herald says May is responding to outrage in Highland Park over excessive park district salaries and benefits.

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