About The Shaw Blog

Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the BGA

I’ve been communicating with many of you for nearly 40 years as a newspaper reporter, a political correspondent on TV, a radio commentator and now as executive director of the Better Government Association, an anti-corruption civic watchdog organization.

I know what good and bad government look like, who’s using your hard-earned tax dollars wisely (and who’s not), and what we can rightfully demand of our elected and appointed officials to reform government that is broken at virtually every level. I know where the bodies are buried, how to ask the tough questions and how to hold errant public officials’ feet to the fire.

This is The Shaw Blog, where I’ll be posting pieces and producing videos that help you understand what’s going on in the governments around you, what we think about it and what should be done to make it better. After all, that’s who we are: The Better Government Association.

But we can’t do it alone. I can talk the talk, but you have to walk the walk with me and rest of us at the BGA. I hope this blog can inform, motivate and direct our campaign for better government. It’s our right. And their responsibility.

— Andy Shaw, President & CEO, BGA

One response to “About The Shaw Blog

  1. I’m Chicago all my life and have seen your face on TV most of it. Isn’t it funny how deranged your side has become. You can’t use the term “cross hair” anymore. Twilight Zone. Chicago is gonna do real well with this new “civil discourse’ fad /ha. C’mon man, you’ve been given a platform here. For the sake of your City, please tell the national press that we need a discompsation. Your loony tune liberal side is going to make it impossible for us to speak here.

    Too weird, huh? Oh ya, the right wingers are so crazy. pffft. Looks like this ‘civil discourse’ meme already blew up in your faces. OH NOO I can’t say blew up. I mean this ‘civil discourse’ meme already sprinkled daisies on your faces.

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